A True Purity Story

Feel like you are the only one trying to stay pure? Check out Katie's story

I grew up in Chicago in a rather dangerous neighborhood where I saw a lot of sad and scary things. I saw friends mistreated, used, abused, running away, fighting, gang banging, and dying. Most of my neighborhood friends have babies now and some have STDs.

While growing up in this environment, I also had a wonderful home life with parents and siblings who taught me well and talked to me about everything. I have seen both sides. I know the difference between love and lust, companionship and entertainment, joyful lives and those filled with disappointment. The amazing thing is, it's all about choices. I have been given the privilege to choose what I want for my life.

When I was 14 I signed a True Love Waits card and made a commitment to be abstinent. That was over 8 years ago and my commitment has only become stronger and more important to me than ever. I want the best for my life, and I've always believed I will attain it.

I don't worry about dating right now. It's not a goal of mine. I look forward to the day I will marry with excitement. I look forward to loving my husband and giving him all that I have and all that I am. But until that day, I choose to continue to grow as a woman of integrity and character, enjoying life and accomplishing my other goals.