Does this sound familiar?

  • Before you met him, you had more friends than you have now
  • Before you began dating him, you were more outgoing and involved with family, school activities, and/or place of worship
  • You frequently cry or are very sad
  • If your he text or calls you, you must call him back immediately
  • He becomes jealous if you look or speak casually with another boy
  • He accuses you of behaviors that you do not actually engage in
  • He is aggressive in other areas of his life: he puts his fist through walls or closets, bangs his fist to make a point, or throw things when angry
  • You make excuses for his poor behavior or say its your fault
  • He calls you demeaning names, then laughs and tells you he was only kidding or that you are too sensitive
  • You have recently become very critical of your appearance, talents, or abilities
  • You frequently have to explain yourself to him or often say you are sorry

If so, you may be in the beginnings of an abusive relationship!